Digital Sound Processor

For those looking for the ultimate immersive experience, this is one step you don't want to miss out on.

Let's start with what a DSP is and what we can equate it to.

A DSP processes sound manipulating the output so we can reproduce the sound the way it was intended to be heard. Everyone whos ever been to a movie theater has experienced some sort of DSP.
Theaters use DSP alongside tons of other components to create Surround Sound. 
Now we don't want surround sound in our vehicles because we aren't watching movies while we drive to work BUT the same principles they use for surround sound can be used in our vehicles to create Staging!

Using a DSP with all of its features; 31 band EQ, Time alignment, Filter types, phase control, and more! we can recreate the feeling of being at a concert and pinpoint where the sound is coming from! When you create staging you can point out every instrument, every singer, their location, and more!

There are multiple styles of DPSs' ranging from entry-level to your high-end Hi Fidelity quality, so every style of a listener can enjoy a DSP tuned system.

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