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What we offer

Heated Seats
Back up camera 
Flip down monitors
Headrest monitor
power outlets
Cruise Control
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Heated Seats

Add Heated Seats to any vehicle with easy-to-use settings hi/lo/off

No subscription is needed!
Car backup camera reviews

Back Up Camera

Add a backup camera for added safety.

We can use factory or aftermarket screens depending on the vehicle application.

*Varies from vehicle to vehicle
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Flip Down Monitors

Add a flip-down monitor for entertainment in every seat.

have an aftermarket radio with DVD and video out? Send that video to the monitor for everyone to enjoy!

Head Rest Monitor

Make it more personalized by giving everyone their screen.

With multiple inputs, available everyone can enjoy their source of entertainment
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Power Outlets

Add more sources for charging by adding more power outlets to your vehicle.

Unfortunate some cars just don't offer enough ports or their ports are simply too awkward and inaccessible to our liking
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Cruise Control

Add cruise control to your vehicle making every drive more enjoyable.

Contact us for vehicle application availability.
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