Line drivers



What is a Line Driver and why do I need one?

Line Drivers are fancy LOC (line output converters) devices. When using a typical LOC in a factory integrated install the output voltage (typically 1-2v) can be lower than recommended amplifier input requirements. Inadvertently this makes the amplifier work harder while providing below-average output decreasing the lifespan of the amplifier.

Line Drivers, unlike standard LOCS', provide multiple benefits to any installation.
Factory integration or Aftermarket.
Here are just some of the benefits Line Drivers provide!
  • Output Voltage (Max)--------- >10Vrms
  • Adjustable Parametric EQ
  • Frequency Response ----------- <10Hz to > 100kHz
  • Variable Gain Adjustment w/Clip LED
  • Auto Turn-On via DC-Offset or Audio Signal Detect
  • And much more!

The biggest benefit to focus on is the max output voltage. Being able to provide up to 10v to the amplifier gives any amplifier the ability to run smoother, cleaner, more efficient, and a longer lifespan to continue providing awesome sound!
Linkdq top view  50hz  150dpi

LinkDq 2CH

This Line Driver provides an excellent solution for those wanting to integrate into a factory system or those wanting to add more power to the input of their amplifiers.
This choice is perfect for those looking to add a sub amp to their vehicle or for those who only want to amplify 2 channels
Link4 top view w remote  150dpi


When it comes to adding an amplifier or amplifier to your factory audio system, the link4 does what models from competing brands just can’t. 

The link4 can directly accept 4-channels of input and give you 4-channels of output.  It can accept 2-channels of input and give you 4-channels of output.  If you input 4-channels, you can sum them down to 2-channels of output and pass through another 2-channels for retained sub-level control.

Overall versatile Line Driver for those who have factory amps with LP/HP outputs trying to acquire a full range signal.


Link6 top view w remote  150dpi
When upgrading your audio system in a typical front, rear, and subwoofer set-up, the link6 is the perfect tool for the job. Getting its input from your factory stereo’s front and rear speaker leads, it can provide front, rear, and subwoofer outputs for your aftermarket amplifier or amplifiers.

Some factory audio systems require summing when adding aftermarket amplifiers because no full-range signal is present. When this is necessary, link6 combines the sum of the frequencies present, providing the full range signal your amplifiers need.

This is perfect for factory amplified systems with LP/BP/HP output.


Link8 top view w remote
Today’s factory-installed audio systems are becoming more complex.  With many of the vehicle controls and operations integrated into the source unit, replacing it is no longer an option.  Some vehicles have amplifiers dedicated to each speaker. When you aren’t satisfied with the OEM system sound, these factors make it increasingly difficult when it comes time to upgrade.  That is why you need a link8.

The link8 is about as versatile as an analog integration product can be.  The link8 has 8-channels of high-level inputs that can be configured in several ways.  With just 2-channels of input, the signal can be achieved at all 8-channels of output.  With 4-channels of inputs, you can have front, rear, and subwoofer output. Even when summing a 4-way system to full range, subwoofer level control can still be retained. These are just a few of the configurations available via link8’s convenient external controls.
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