Adding a subwoofer or two can drastically impact your sound.
Which is best for you?
Let's go over it together!

Choosing the right sub

With there being so many to choose from where do you start? How big? How Many? Let's start by understanding that all subs are not made equal. Also, let's put aside that subs are only good for rap! Subs can change the whole dynamic of any style or genre of music out there so let's get to it!
What listening style do you like? which style do you listen to the most? hip hop, R&B, Heavy metal, Country, Soul, Dance music, Dubstep, Rock N Roll? (and many more) These will come into play when deciding what subs are best for you.

The next big factor for choosing your subwoofer boils down to the amount of space you have available in your vehicle. Do you have a big open trunk vehicle like the Grand Marquis or do you have a super small amount of space like in a Ford single cab or the limited working area in the Porsche 911? Also, don't worry if you end up having to use a smaller sub, They may seem small but we can assure you they can pack a punch!

Once we have these two figured out, the final step is the price range! Let us help you, with our years of experience we are certain we will find what you're looking for so 
give us a call to get you set up with what you want!
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